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Safety Reminder - Discharge of Firearms Prohibited
Posted on Jun 28th, 2017

Safety reminder:
Discharging firearms is absolutely prohibited within Chimney Cove Estates.  This is according to the Restrictive Covenants and is in force at all times.  Our properties are, for the most part, narrow in width.  There might be less than 100 feet between property lines in many cases.  This space is too confined for the safe use of firearms.  It is too dangerous for people, domestic animals, and property to discharge a weapon.  This is especially true with high visitation of outside guests over the holidays.
As we discussed at our annual meeting, we are happy to look at legal changes to these rules, or providing insight from County or Park Services when it comes to dealing with dangerous or nuisance wildlife.  Until then, we have chosen to live in the wilds of Texas.  We are not in, nor are we adjacent to, the suburbs.  We have wildcats, coyotes, feral hogs, fox, ringtail cats, snakes, and other creatures in close proximity.
We are mostly relegated to prevention.  Perhaps a hog panel fence around the one acre which the County sets aside for your house for agricultural exception.  This will not defend against cats, but can deter other wildlife.  In any case, a frontal assault is not sanctioned at this time.  We will continue to discuss this issue and search for reasonable solutions.
Please enjoy the holidays and stay safe.
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