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Business Events
Agenda for Chimney Cove Estates Property Owners Association
Annual Meeting May 18, 2024, 10:00 AM
Location: 259 Chimney Cove Drive - Ken and Karen Blake Garage
  • Meeting Called to Order
  • Review Minutes of 2023 Annual Meeting
  • Financial Report
  • Review 2023 and 2024 Expenditures
  • Review 2025 Proposed Budget and Expenditures
  • Dues Collection Report
  • Architectural Committee Report
  • Status on Current Building/Future Plans
  • Old Business
  • Road Report
  • New Business
  • Commons Dock
  • Spring Hail Storm/Contact Information and Safety
  • Election of Board of Directors/Officers
Current Officers:
Director and President Eric Lindner – Term continues *
Director and Vice President Jerry Parker – Term ends *
Director and Secretary Russ Roy – Term ends *
Director and Treasurer Kenneth Blake – Term continues *
Director Rick DeClairmont – Seat vacant
(*) Per Bylaws, the board serves two years with alternating years of election to
ensure continuity. This year the terms for Vice President, Secretary and Director
are up for election.
  • Meeting Adjourned