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Business Events
                Agenda for Chimney Cove Estates Property Owners Association
                                    Annual Meeting May 20, 2023, 10:00 AM
Location:  259 Chimney Cove Drive - Ken and Karen Blake Garage
Meeting Called to Order
Review Minutes of 2022 Annual Meeting
Review Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting(s)
Financial Report 
            Review 2022 and 2023 Expenditures
            Review 2024 Proposed Budget and Expenditures                                                            
            Dues Collection Report
Architectural Committee Report
            Status on Current Building/Future Plans
Old Business
            Road Report
            Gate Operator Report
New Business
Election of Board of Directors/Officers
Current Officers:
            Director and President                Eric Lindner – Term ends * 
            Director and Vice President      Jerry Parker – Term continues *
            Director and Secretary                Russ Roy – Term continues *
            Director and Treasurer                Kenneth Blake – Term ends *
            Director                                            Rick DeClairmont – Term ends *
(*) Per Bylaws, the board serves two years with alternating years of election to ensure continuity.  This year the terms for President, Treasurer and Director are up for election.
Meeting Adjourned