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Discussion on Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Posted on Feb 27th, 2024 Comments (0)
Discussion on Rainwater Harvesting Systems
Gregg Blake
Chairman Architectural Committee
Recently, the Architectural Committee has received several inquiries about the policies covering
Rainwater Harvesting and Collection Systems found in the current Restrictive Covenants of Chimney
Cove Estates. The part of the Covenants that deal with Rainwater Harvesting Equipment is in Section
5.33 (a) and (b). These covenants in Section 5.33 are based directly on the language found in the State of
Texas Property Code, Chapter 202, Section 202.007, which covers the installation and construction of
Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

The general purpose of Section 202.007 is 1) to prohibit the Property Owner Association (POA) from
restricting the installation of a rainwater harvesting system on an owner's property and 2) to give the
POA the authority to regulate the size, color, type, and shielding materials used in the construction of
rainwater harvesting equipment (including storage tank), primarily if it’s located on the side of a house
or at any other location that is visible from a street, another lot, or common area.

Following Section 5.33 (b), if the Rainwater Harvesting Equipment is to be located on the side of an
owner's house or at any other location on an owner's lot that is visible from a roadway within Chimney
Cove Estates, another lot, or a common area, the owner needs to submit plans and specifications to the
Architectural Committee showing how the Harvesting Equipment will be adequately screened to obscure
the view of the Rainwater Harvesting Equipment from the street and adjoining properties. The plans and
specifications are to be submitted before any installation of Rainwater Harvesting Equipment so that the
method of screening and the proposed screening materials can be reviewed and approved by the
architectural Committee before constructing the Rainwater Harvesting System.

Section 5.33 (b) gives the Architectural Committee the authority to regulate the size, type, and shielding
or screening of the Rainwater Harvesting Equipment. However, the regulation of submitted plans cannot
prohibit the economical installation of the Rainwater Harvesting Equipment on the owner's lot. The term
"economical installation" is directly from Section 202.007. Although a dollar amount is not included in
the statute, economic installation is a contractual term whose value, if disputed, can be determined by
the Court based on several factors, some of which are the cost of house construction on the lot, the
value of other shielded water storage tanks in the subdivision, and the relative values of houses within
the subdivision.

The Architectural Committee has, in the past and will continue to do so in the future, worked with the
property owner to develop and approve a plan to install the Rainwater Harvesting System that is
economical for the owner and keeps our community's architectural integrity and beauty. Don't hesitate
to contact me if you have any questions.
Chimney Cove Estates Volenteers Update
Posted on Aug 29th, 2022 Comments (0)
Chimney Cove Estates Community Work Force Volunteers
If you would like to be considered a volunteer for various community projects, please send your name and contact information (phone number and email address) to rick@declairmont.com.  We understand that by volunteering, you are not necessarily going to be available for each event.  Projects in the past have included road repair, tree trimming, front gate rock garden maintenance, commons park road and picnic area.
Thank you.  BoD
Burnet County Burning Guidelines
Posted on Apr 7th, 2021 Comments (0)
Chimney Cove Estates Members  - Please access Business Documents and download the Burnet County Burning Guidelines. Please follow these guidelines when burning within Chimney Cove Estates.
The Board
Cattle Grazing Lease Agreement
Posted on Mar 4th, 2021 Comments (0)
To: Chimney Cove Estates  Members
Re: Cattle Grazing Lease Agreements For County Agriculture Exemption
The transition of cattle ranchers within Chimney Cove Estates has been completed.
When any new property buyer is required by the county to produce a cattle grazing lease agreement, the new rancher will produce the paperwork necessary. The point of contact for this paperwork will be Shelbi Liner.  Shelbi can be reached at: shelbi.liner@heritagecctx.com
Thank you.
Longhorn Safety
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2020 Comments (0)
Date: July 22, 2020
Subject: Longhorn Safety
We want to remind everyone that Longhorns are livestock, and like most livestock, they can view dogs as a threat. There are a couple of things you can do to keep you and your dog safe if you encounter Longhorns in the road. 
1.) Turn around. It is never a good plan to walk through a herd of livestock with a dog; no matter how big or small the dog. 
2.) If the cow makes an aggressive move towards your dog. Let the leash go. Dogs are much faster and more nimble than we are, they are also much faster than the Longhorns, so do not make it a package deal. 
3.) Make noise and wave and clap your hands to get them moving a different direction. 
I would be happy to schedule some time with any residents that would like some training in this area. These Longhorns are very easy going, but they are big and they can hurt you if you panic or lose your balance etc. 
Jake Brydon
Safety Reminder - Discharge of Firearms Prohibited
Posted on Jun 28th, 2017 Comments (0)
Safety reminder:
Discharging firearms is absolutely prohibited within Chimney Cove Estates.  This is according to the Restrictive Covenants and is in force at all times.  Our properties are, for the most part, narrow in width.  There might be less than 100 feet between property lines in many cases.  This space is too confined for the safe use of firearms.  It is too dangerous for people, domestic animals, and property to discharge a weapon.  This is especially true with high visitation of outside guests over the holidays.
As we discussed at our annual meeting, we are happy to look at legal changes to these rules, or providing insight from County or Park Services when it comes to dealing with dangerous or nuisance wildlife.  Until then, we have chosen to live in the wilds of Texas.  We are not in, nor are we adjacent to, the suburbs.  We have wildcats, coyotes, feral hogs, fox, ringtail cats, snakes, and other creatures in close proximity.
We are mostly relegated to prevention.  Perhaps a hog panel fence around the one acre which the County sets aside for your house for agricultural exception.  This will not defend against cats, but can deter other wildlife.  In any case, a frontal assault is not sanctioned at this time.  We will continue to discuss this issue and search for reasonable solutions.
Please enjoy the holidays and stay safe.
Attention Chimney Cove Estates Property Sellers and their Real Estate Agents
Posted on Apr 16th, 2017
Chimney Cove Estates Members and Real Estate Agents - Please access Business Documents and download the Guidelines For Board of Directors Real Estate Assistance.